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Watch repair is skilled labor, and a good servicing will cost. It is difficult to provide an accurate price list because a quality watchmaker must look at the watch to provide a fair quote. I have heard of quotes from $20 to $500, but you don't always get what you pay for. Reasonable prices seem to be in the $50-$150 range for cleaning a simple pocket or wrist watch.

Remember, this is just a cleaning, you should expect that any other work your watch requires will cost more accordingly. Old watches were put away in a drawer for a reason, often because they were broken and unreliable.

Complicated watches such as chronographs will cost more, as will brands that have hard to find or expensive parts such has the high end Swiss watches. Swiss, English or other non-American watches made before around 1910 can be very hard to find parts for, often they have to be custom made by hand.

Our promise to you is to restore your watch to its original beauty and function for a reasonable price. We will not begin any work until you have approved our watchmakers estimate.

All complete clean jobs include cleaning and polishing of the case, band, and crystal. Crystals are re-cemented and seals are replaced if needed.

All work includes a one year guarantee. Watches will be repaired at no cost within that time period. Guarantee does not include: water, dropping, customer abuse, etc.

Payment due on delivery.

Send in your watch for an estimate today!

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